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Original non fiction writing and comment published monthly.


Robert M Wray

Founder of Shortwave Cinema and the Elefest and one of the founders of the Bermondsey Street Festival. Raised in Walworth and Bermondsey, South London and now living in Dublin, Ireland.

Dave McGowan

Born in East Dulwich, Dave McGowan is a writer, photographer and performer. He likes beer and that.

Julie Ward

I grew up in South London during the '50s. I've long since left. I revisit and search for traces of the energy that was there then. It's gone, but I saved it all on my hard drive, so I have full colour and access to it.

Stewart Who?

I'm a writer, DJ and occasional performer

Michael Holland

From a young age, I always thought that one day I would make a living with a pen and paper, but I've never been paid enough to call it a living so I have other jobs to pay the rent.

Harry Pye

Artist and curator based in London and Ramsgate. Co editor of Le Document. I collaborate with Gordon Beswick on making films and with Francis Macdonald on writing songs. I have worked at Tate Britain for over 25 years.